Sunday, May 10, 2015


It's so easy to think you'll find happiness once your problems in life are all solved, of course the issue with that is there's always another problem right around the corner just waiting to steal your happiness.  If you are going to live happily you have to learn how to do so regardless of what problems, crisis or event there may be. If happiness is a destination you are waiting to arrive at then you could be in for a long arduous ride. The assumption here for people is that happiness comes from outside of you. It does not. While there are obviously things that happen in your life that make you feel either happy or unhappy, the fact is that these experiences come and they go. The key to a happy life is that it is never an outside job.

Living happily really depends on your inner world, meaning your thoughts and emotions. Happiness is about what you think and believe, how you feel, how problems affect you. This may sound obvious, but often we focus instead on our external lives, on getting and spending and “having fun” and then wonder why we are not happy. But it’s when our inner lives are serene that we are happiest – and this is inner peace.

The difficulty is that your inner lives are based on patterns and habits. Those beliefs that have been seeded in your subconscious mind and control your every step. In this state you don’t choose because you’re on auto-pilot and not consciously aware of your inner world.

So then you are tasked with the idea of reprogramming yourself to be happy, how? First, decide to be happy and consciously choose it every single day. This idea of course is about becoming mindful, about getting off of auto-pilot. Mindfulness is a key inner skill because, as it gets stronger, it lets you focus on your own inner life and catch your habits in the act. Once you can see what those habits affect you, then the change you are seeking often happens of its own accord. Next, value happiness, your choices are based on your values, what matters most to you. If you regulate happiness to a low priority in life, other choices will take precedence. Where’s happiness located on your list relative to work, taking care of others, spending money,  meditating ? Only you can change your perception thus change how you allow your outside world to impact your inside one!

Happiness is your natural state of being, claim it!

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