Monday, May 6, 2013


I was asked recently can one be Metaphysical and a Christian, so I thought that I would share my thoughts on the subject. You see, I’ve considered myself to be a Christian for the majority of my life, considering I attended all Catholic schools throughout childhood and even attended an all girl High School at a convent. Which of course created issues within itself!  

As an adult I was able to lay to rest the guilt and conflicts that are often a result of the Catholic dogma. You know what I mean, you’re a sinner and you must live a life full of our rules so that you may be worthy of eternal happiness when you die. Well, to the average person that statement may seem normal, but to me it just raised a red flag. What about happiness here and now doesn’t that matter? At that point I started moving away from the Catholic church, and started seeking answers in the “Christian” world. Which of course presented a whole other list of rules. I remember one church I attended. The single ladies had to sit in a area by themselves, as did the single men, and the married couples could sit with each other (what a concept)! They still had Wednesday night Bible study, and their interpretations weren’t too far off from the “Catholics”. The only difference I could see was that the “Christians” didn’t have saints, and didn’t kneel throughout their service.

I still had many unanswered questions. Then one day I started searching for answers that made sense to me, and that is what lead me to Metaphysics. You see within these teachings you are taught that not only is God within you, but you have a direct connection to the “Creator”. That got my attention, but what else is there?

This is what I found: The highest quest of human growth and awareness is to discover your ultimate Self-Reality; i.e. the relationship of man-woman and the Universe. To know that there is a Supreme Universal Intelligence, or God that resides somewhere in the deeper levels of the human mind. To make direct contact with this Supreme Universal Intelligence Mind, or God. To experience this presence. “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” This is the realization of oneness with the Creator. Then to bring it forth into the conscious mind and surface daily life. Finally be guided intuitively in every action you take. How do you begin? Meditation, and that my friend is another article, for there are many methods, but the main thing to remember is to quiet yourself and listen.      

You see you are not a sinner, but simply here to experience life. To expand anyway you so choose for this is a free will zone. Yes, free will. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, black or white, it just is. Get out of judgments and separation.  You either get on the path of life and take the short road (meaning doing things that better serve you) or you get on that path and take the long route, (lots of detours, and hardships) but in the end lessons have been learned. How else are we to grow?

You see it isn’t about religion and which one is right or righter! It’s about connecting to the truth; you are Divine created in the image of God. That means something! Wakeup know how important you are, and that you are here on Mother Earth for a reason. Get on the path of life and live each day as the blessing it truly is, and the blessing you truly are!

By Rev. Dr. Edwige