Wednesday, February 4, 2015


What exactly is grounding? The obvious idea is having one’s feet on solid ground and/or walking with certainty. It also means being fully present both physically and spiritually in this dimension. The latter part can be quite challenging. I know it sometimes still is a task for me. I can start a spiritual conversation and feel myself drifting or expanding out; it can even happen when I am teaching, or speaking somewhere. Grounding is also beneficial to help you feel balanced, increase your inner strength, your self-confidence and your focus. It helps your spiritual development providing an outlet and allowing the release of energy more easily.

So the best way to stay grounded is to stay fully present in the NOW moment.....this is where your power is. In order to ground your light you must BE the LIGHT ~ NOW. When you are constantly aware of how you are emanating your energy, constantly aware of how you are behaving, constantly aware of where you are and what you are doing you have focus, control and direction. As soon as you get ungrounded you lose your power, control, direction and get air headed and spacey and tend to lose your cool when in the face of adversity.

Grounding should become a part of your daily routine. With time it will become second nature. Consider first some of the most common symptoms of being ungrounded. This list is not all inclusive, but it will give you a strong indication of what it means to be ungrounded  You will discover yourself experiencing the same one or two symptoms each time you become ungrounded. The symptoms include:

             Dizziness and/or feeling spacey

             Day dreaming or falling asleep while praying/meditating

             Difficulty focusing or forgetfulness

             Eyes flickering, weight gain

             Inability to manifest good ideas

One of the things that we have carried throughout our evolution is the “fight or flight” response. This is a program we use as a protection from everything fearful. The “fight response” actually causes us to “stand our ground” while the “flight response” causes the exact opposite reaction. Not only do we attempt to flee the situation, but inside of ourselves, our “soul” begins to detach from our physical body. Whenever we are threatened, either physically or emotionally, our bodies’ primordial response is to presume that we are “dying”. With that response, our “soul” starts to detach further from our bodies even more than it already is. As the “soul” detaches, our bodies are further convinced that it is dying, and a vicious cycle is started.

Becoming and staying grounded prevents this response from moving you off your center. 

Here’s one technique imagine your first, or root chakra. This chakra houses all of your survival information. In your mind's eye, see this chakra and sense it with your feelings. Now, create a cord or line of energy. The cord can be whatever you want it to look like, a rope, a branch or a pipe. It can also be any color you wish. See this grounding cord as strong and unbreakable. Now see it securely attached to your first chakra. It doesn’t matter what symbol you use for your cord, and it doesn’t matter if you see it strongly or not at first. All that matters is your decision that it’s there. 

See it extend all the way down to the center of the earth. The center of the earth can be whatever you wish it to look like as well. A ball of energy or molten rock; whatever is comfortable, symbolic and pleasing to you.

Attach the other end of your grounding cord to the center of the earth. Congratulations, you are now grounded.