Monday, December 8, 2014


"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” ~ Lewis B. Smedes

For so many it seems impossible to truly forgive someone and move on....

Forgiving yourself and others can be very difficult sometimes: especially if you are operating on a lower state of consciousness. Realize that in order to rise up, advance, and become a more conscious person, you must be compassionate and forgiving towards yourself and others. Any hateful thoughts or pent up negative emotions that you may be holding need to be released. Negative thoughts and emotions can easily lower your level of consciousness if you do not practice compassion and forgiveness.


In the manifested universe, only the use of forgiveness can facilitate the transmutation of un-perfected energies. The sincere pardon of your own mistakes in addition to the errors and faults of others acts as a magic gift that liberates releases and heals situations and events in the lives of all of those involved. 

Without exercising forgiveness, one will not experience transformation. Without transformation, there is no evolution.

Forgiveness of others is essential to mental peace and radiant health. You must forgive everyone who has ever hurt you if you want perfect health and happiness. Forgive yourself by getting your thoughts in harmony with divine law and order. You cannot really forgive yourself completely until you have forgiven others first. It is known in the medical field that resentment, condemnation of others, remorse, and hostility are behind a host of maladies ranging from arthritis to cardiac disease. They point out that these sick people, who were hurt, mistreated, deceived, or injured, were full of resentment and hatred for those who hurt them. This caused inflamed and festering wounds in their subconscious minds, and "as above so below" "as within so without". There is only one remedy. They have to cut out and discard their hurts and the one and only sure way is by forgiveness. 

To Understand all is to Forgive all  

When you can understand the creative law of your mind, you will stop blaming other people and conditions for your misfortune and unhappiness. You have to accept responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings knowing that externals are not the cause of your life experiences. No one has power over you like the Bible says - "For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he" PROVERBS 23:7.

AFFIRMATION: "I AM the Law of Forgiveness of the Transforming Flame, for all the mistakes I committed, I release them now." and so it is