Friday, December 7, 2012



It was said that on the Lunar Eclipse that just passed on the 29th of last month, there was an activation or return of the Divine Feminine energy to planet Earth. What is this you ask, and why is it important to us?  Well, to speak of God as She in our current society is regarded as brazen, and in America I would go as far to say to some even blasphemous. However, the tradition of the feminine aspect of divinity has a long history. From Ameratsu and Cannon in Japan, to Quan yin in China, to Akua'ba in Africa, and Isis in Egypt. The Divine Mother has a long tradition in the history of the planet's consciousness. It is estimated that from approximately 35,000 BCE to approximately 5,000 BCE the Goddess was the primary deity figure. That in fact over ninety percent of all the figurines found from this period appear to be of a female goddess. The "feminine principle" is viewed by the traditions of the East as the principle of birth, transformation and rebirth, the nurturing and sustaining influence in the universe.


As we enter the "Golden age" we have need to reinstate a sense of the "Goddess" because the nurturing principle of the female is needed to help guide our way through the maze of accelerated change which surrounds us. I would offer to you that many of our problems arise as a result of looking at God only as He , the He who appears to initiate holy wars and conquest. without the Divine Feminine Principle incorporated into one's concept of the Godhead, you have only told, at best, half the story regarding the divine nature; you have fallen short of a full appreciation of the divinity within and without. The Divine feminine is the balancing within each of us of a compassionate heart. Our current world view is out of balance, and the world scene reflects that lack of balance.  Learning to embrace the female principle will  nurture  and bring balance back.


It is time for us to celebrate and honor the Spirit of the Divine Feminine as well as the Divine Masculine. It's time for us to come together as one, working towards healthy relationships, and as we do, we will build healthy communities. We must allow the re-emergence of this energy into our consciousness, and then wisdom will begin to enfold us.


As we come to the close of 2012 and begin to make New Year's resolutions, let's go deep within our hearts and make real change. Changes that will not only affect us on an individual level but globally. For we are in fact the ones that we have been waiting for.


Till next year,


Rev. Edwige