Monday, August 1, 2016


Are your ready for your lightbody? Everyone will step into it sooner or later, one way or another.  It is the destiny of humanity to come to know its own divinity.  It is nirvana and light-merge; it is becoming one with the All.  It is wonderful, and you will come to experience it...regardless of which pathway you choose to awaken and even if it takes you another lifetime or two.
To assume our lightbody’s we have options: death and resurrection or empowered ascension.  Death and resurrection are, as the terms imply, a death crossing followed by a rising again to life.  It doesn't matter how death comes; our spirits leave our bodies and the body shuts down.  The empty body, no longer the vessel of a living being, is sloughed off, discarded and decays.  The lightbody then rises after the death has occurred.
Empowered ascension although a complex process requires much conscious preparation and can be done if one chooses during this current life cycle.  Once the vibration is raised high enough the lightbody will be able to enter the physical body while still living, no death will occur. It is a result of expanded consciousness and taking responsibility for the reprogramming of the mind.  Overcoming the illusions of separation and bringing the body’s multi existences into balance including the etheric, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. 
But empowered ascension is beyond a simple integration involving the physical body with the body of light vehicle.   Ascension it is not a birthright; it must be earned.  It must be actively and consciously co- created through the use of practice, integrity and intention.  When properly executed the empowered ascended one becomes as a living aspect of God on Earth.  She or he will be in full oneness with the higher powers or higher self, or I Am Presence yet will also walk the Earth in an ascended state of grace, taking part in the life of the planet and in the lives of its inhabitants as she or he may see fit.  If it's what you want, you can do it.  The concept of empowered ascension is a uniquely human one, and will mark the creation of a new breed of human beings in whom higher powers are also vested. 
Most importantly in order to ascend you must have your lightbody without it there can be no ascension.  To get the lightbody you must raise and sustain your vibrational frequencies at higher levels without losing your balance and to be able to remain in the loving space of the heart. 
It is an unprecedented time in history do you want your Lightbody and Ascend this time?

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Speaking comes to most people as naturally as breathing and for most they think very little of the power of those words. On many occasions your words are uttered without conscious thought; in fact you rarely stop and think about what you are saying.

Thousands of words pour out of your mouth each day as your thoughts, opinions, judgments and beliefs are freely expressed. Often, however, you are oblivious to their impact. In raising your consciousness it's important to understand the power of your words, and to consciously choose them. For once a word is spoken the power and energy of it can never be taken back. 

The universe will go into action and will have an effect. Your words spoken have even more power than your thoughts because they not only affect yourself but the people and the world around you.  The Universe simply gives you precisely what you ask for, vibrationally speaking. The Universe, God (Creator), only vibrates in one way and in one direction. That direction is toward love and flow. You are either in the flow or not. God does not pick and choose for you. By what you vibrate to, you pick and choose. 

A subtle difference in your attitude can make a major difference in your life and be as simple as the language you use. The difference in even how you talk to yourself or others can impact you in a major way. Consciously making a decision to quit saying what you don't want and to start saying what you do want, believing the best, hoping for the best and moving toward the best will result and better results.

On the path to enlightenment you must take control of your words, rather than letting your words control you. Once you understand and become more conscious of your thoughts and words you use and the power that they unleash, the easier it will be to choose positive thoughts and words and co-create your reality.

Before you speak ask yourself: 

•          “Is what I am about to say going to uplift the hearer?
•          Will it inspire, motivate, and create forward momentum for them? 
•          Will it dissolve fear and create safety and trust?
•          Will I create a positive or negative ripple effect by speaking out these words?” 

Let‘s be determined to unleash the power of words for positive change.  

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