Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Connecting to the Supreme Universal Intelligence

Last month we touched on the idea that our highest quest for human growth is to discover our ultimate Self-Reality. It sounds good, but what does it all mean? The  relationship between man-woman and the Universe, and how do we experience this Supreme Universal Intelligence (God)?

Meditation, for it is the key to contacting and maintaining contact with the Ultimate Intelligence (God).  Meditation doesn’t have to be complex, or long. It’s about getting quiet long enough so that the connection happens.  Let’s see what just ten minutes could look like: Select a quiet space in your home where there is less chance of being disturbed. Wear comfortable clothes. Sit in an upright position, and quiet your mind. Granted, the quite your mind part is the more difficult one! I like to put meditation music on, which is easy enough to find on the web these days if you don’t already have. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing, in and out through your nose. Slow and steady using a three part technique. Fill your stomach (diaphragm), chest and then shoulders, rhythmically, and evenly, building from 5 seconds up to whatever you can do. The exhale will be the same, breathing out in three parts, evenly with no hesitation or stopping. Quite your mind, and if a thought comes up, just let it pass. Continue to focus on your breath, relaxing into it. Before you know it ten minutes will lead to twenty and you will have started the process of stilling the mind to make the ultimate connection. Once you’re comfortable with this practice and as you perfect it, the good stuff will begin! Images, and colors to name a few will start to appear in your inner vision. At this point I would like to mention that images whether coming from your inner or out vision are basically the same, that is to say real. Don’t be startled this is the beginning of your journey!

I’d like to briefly go over another meditation that I use, after doing the above mentioned. That is Affirmative meditation, this practice will help bring those things into your life that you are wanting to experience. With your eyes still closed, and your breathing a little more relaxed. Begin to give yourself a self-programming affirmation, or series of them. They should be said to yourself with your inner voice, slowly and deliberately so that the meaning is instilled in your mind. This is aimed at the sub-conscious part of the mind (memory bank) which governs 90% of one’s conscious decision making. Use it to maintain a positive attitude or to change an old belief pattern. The choice is yours.   

As the Ultimate Mind or God-Power within you takes hold of your life, many things should take place, not all at once, but you will begin to detect changes in and around you, from relationships to intuitive feelings getting stronger and clearer. In short, you will have connected to this Supreme Ultimate Intelligence, Spirit, or God-Mind!

Until next time,