Saturday, August 8, 2015


Your opinion of right or wrong, good or bad is from your conditioned mind. This conditioned mind is what one most become free of to awaken and expand. All the judgments you place on the world - good or bad, right or wrong, mentally labeling things - keep your ego in place. They keep you from becoming one with life and at peace.

Every judgment produces a never-ending spiral of separation. With judgment, there is division, and a sense of alienation. These judgmental thoughts produce anger, self-justification, a greater need to defend oneself, and then more judgment.  It hinders the Gift of Life and prevents the gift of Life Force from flowing through you.

If you judge a person, they instantly become a concept to you - you lose who they are. If you do not judge them, but allow them to be, you are more likely to see their inner essence as who they actually are, which is one with you.

If you judge a thing - even calling an object "my glass" - this forms another concept, and the object becomes deadened through the filter of the ego. Look at an object with no judgment or mental labeling. Can you see the stillness emanating from that object now? You see it as it is.

If you judge a situation as bad, you instantly feel bad. If you do not judge the moment, allow it to be, a sense of spaciousness, aliveness and peace arise, and you become free of the situation.

Non-judgment can be applied to anything - people, situations, thoughts, feelings or things. It takes you deeper into the truth of reality.

Non-judgment takes you to a place where you can transcend the world and your ego. It takes you to a place of neutral serenity, at one with yourself and everything around you. Remain as the space for any judgments arising in you, remain as the watcher.

Notice that judgment is such a thing of the mind and the ego; it really does not exist in the true nature of things. Here is an example of the “mind stuff” of judgment: Someone gives you a wonderful bouquet of flowers and you say, “Those roses are beautiful, but they should be lilies.” As soon as you make that kind of a judgment that something fits and something else does not, your judgment destroys the beauty that was there.

Now, we all make judgments like that, sometimes without even thinking. But as we choose to awaken and raise our consciousness we must go beyond appearances. See beyond your thoughts. See beyond your feelings. See beyond your preconceived notions. See beyond what you think other people want you to see and become free.