Saturday, April 4, 2015


To live your humanness is to experience duality - both joy and suffering. To live from your heart is to enter the domain of peace and loving-kindness and the timeless reality of transcendent being. As you expand in consciousness you will begin to move and create from your heart space for it is there that you'll find true peace, harmony, love and unity. 

When the heart leads, you are tapping into a magnetic field 5,000 times larger and 60 times the amplitude of the brain. You are tapping into a “heart brain” capable of perception beyond what the brain “knows” or has memorized. From the heart, you are making the unseen primary regardless of how the physical world may appear. You are moving from a focus on solving problems to actually creating a new reality and infinite possibility.

How do you live and think from the heart? The first and most important step is not to get there from your head. Activating and empowering your heart’s center begins with acknowledging that there is a brain and an emotional center that resides there.

The complex, self-organized system of the heart maintains a continuous two-way dialogue with the brain and the rest of the body. When you put your focus on developing the coherence you have there, you are training your brain according to your heart. And here, you amplify your ability to change your reality, shift the direction of your life, and experience quantum creations.

From the space of your heart your creations serve you on your inner path to wisdom and creativity.

You will have become an expanded version of your current self, filled with more wisdom, more love and more inner power. The time it takes to fulfill your goals is the time it takes to change your consciousness in such a way that your desired reality may enter your actual reality. So if you want to speed up things, focus on you and not so much on reality.

Your true ability to create is not based on will power and determination but rather on an open heart. Creating from the heart is more powerful and requires less effort than creating from the ego. You do not have to bother about the details; you just need to be open to all there is, both inside and outside!
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