Friday, December 7, 2012



It was said that on the Lunar Eclipse that just passed on the 29th of last month, there was an activation or return of the Divine Feminine energy to planet Earth. What is this you ask, and why is it important to us?  Well, to speak of God as She in our current society is regarded as brazen, and in America I would go as far to say to some even blasphemous. However, the tradition of the feminine aspect of divinity has a long history. From Ameratsu and Cannon in Japan, to Quan yin in China, to Akua'ba in Africa, and Isis in Egypt. The Divine Mother has a long tradition in the history of the planet's consciousness. It is estimated that from approximately 35,000 BCE to approximately 5,000 BCE the Goddess was the primary deity figure. That in fact over ninety percent of all the figurines found from this period appear to be of a female goddess. The "feminine principle" is viewed by the traditions of the East as the principle of birth, transformation and rebirth, the nurturing and sustaining influence in the universe.


As we enter the "Golden age" we have need to reinstate a sense of the "Goddess" because the nurturing principle of the female is needed to help guide our way through the maze of accelerated change which surrounds us. I would offer to you that many of our problems arise as a result of looking at God only as He , the He who appears to initiate holy wars and conquest. without the Divine Feminine Principle incorporated into one's concept of the Godhead, you have only told, at best, half the story regarding the divine nature; you have fallen short of a full appreciation of the divinity within and without. The Divine feminine is the balancing within each of us of a compassionate heart. Our current world view is out of balance, and the world scene reflects that lack of balance.  Learning to embrace the female principle will  nurture  and bring balance back.


It is time for us to celebrate and honor the Spirit of the Divine Feminine as well as the Divine Masculine. It's time for us to come together as one, working towards healthy relationships, and as we do, we will build healthy communities. We must allow the re-emergence of this energy into our consciousness, and then wisdom will begin to enfold us.


As we come to the close of 2012 and begin to make New Year's resolutions, let's go deep within our hearts and make real change. Changes that will not only affect us on an individual level but globally. For we are in fact the ones that we have been waiting for.


Till next year,


Rev. Edwige

Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving From Fear To Love


Fear by definition is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, and likely to cause pain, or a threat. A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined.

Love by definition is profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend, and mankind. To want the best for you neighbor in spite of your liking him or not!

You see these two words go hand in hand, for the true opposite of love is fear. Love expands while fear shrinks. In fear you become closed while Love opens. In love one trusts while in fear there is doubt.

How do we move out of fear? First, recognize what your fear is , perhaps it is a lack of trust in the future. It is a lack of trust that everything is going to be ok. It is a lack of trust that the Universe is friendly. Is it a lack of trust in your own self to create positive events in your life. To release fear you must first affirm that you know and trust that you are attracting wonderful events and people into your life.

Now, how do we trust in the Universe and trust ourselves? The answer is with love. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe, and it can override all other energies. Practice approaching each moment with love and an open heart. Follow this exercise: while driving in your car try, practice feeling love and trusting in yourself and the Universe. Send little beams of love to everyone you pass. When at work, practice sending love to your co-workers. Answer the phone with love. Respond to requests with love. Keep practicing!

Being loving in every moment is a challenge, especially when you are around people who aren't very loving in return. These people need your love the most, as they are a reflection of where you are not being loving to yourself. Send them more love. The more love you can send, the more you will raise your vibration, initiate the Law of Attraction in the most powerful way, and create a positive force in the world.

If you can operate from a place of love more often you will feel more joyful and peaceful and attract much more love into your life, which will help raise your vibration permanently.  Remember, whatever energy you put out into the world is being reflected back to you. Our outer world is simply a mirror of our inner world.

Until next time,


Rev. Edwige

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How To Open All Channels Of Your Mind To Obtain Success!

Whatever your goal need or desire in life is at this moment, I want to help you achieve it. We will explore what is needed to convince your mind that you can have anything that you want or achieve anything that you desire and that indeed it is already achieved in your mind!

The word Have in this instance means that when you are firmly convinced in your mind of the ability to have, then the mind which is one and the part of the universal mind of God will give the universal mind a picture of what is desired. And through this the full power of the all creative mind of God, which is in and through all things will draw to you whatever you desire, while at the same time you will be drawn to it. Generally speaking people today have been brainwashed into thinking in limited terms as to their goals, potentials and desires. What you watch on TV or read or listen to is very important, because your subconscious can take it as your truth. Also we can falsely believe that based on your background you are limited as to the type of person that you can attract, or that medicine is the only sure way to heal a physical condition.

Doubts in your own abilities, possibilities, and destiny for good and happiness comes from having accepted the false suggestion from an unaware society (false programming) that says you stand apart from this universal mind. So bringing one's mind, self image, and mental attitude into a state of divinity with the reality of the mind and your true selfhood will generate the power confidence and divine intuitive direction needed for anything that you wish to accomplish in your life. As we serve God with our thoughts and mental attitude God in turn serves us by channeling higher wisdom, creativity, power and  direction into our mind, giving us all we need to convince ourselves that indeed we can be successful.

You see you have been conditioned to have limited beliefs in yourself. I want you to know that you don't have to limit yourself. Because the universe, in its amazing versatility of expression, exists at the center of your mind and as the true self of yourself. And if your thinking has gotten you into a rut, now is the time to strip away all notion of limitation from your mind, so that good can reach you. And in doing this you will begin to create a mental atmosphere that leaves the universal mind of God freedom to reach you with good. Your mind throughout your entire life is forever one with the universal God part of your mind. You must tap into it, allowing the flow to begin.

To have all channels of your mind open, you must first ask.

Begin to get a picture in your mind of yourself as a person who has all channels opened to receive good through the universal mind of God working for you.

Don't allow yourself to think that if one thing for you doesn't work that your life is through or that the doors of opportunity have closed for you. Because when you remain positive you know that any false image of lack and limitation is only temporary.

Always be aware that your every thought becomes part of the universal God mind which sets into motion certain laws that will eventually materialize or manifest your thoughts. Therefore guarding your thoughts is in truth guarding and controlling your life.

As the universal mind possesses all within itself, it is the ultimate source of prosperity, and through your declared oneness with it, you will attract prosperity to you!

Until next time,
Rev. Edwige

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Much has been said about abundance. But do we really understand how the flow of it works?
To fully embrace the concept of abundance, you must first understand the universal law of the circle, for it is vital part of prosperity. It is about the ebb and flow of life, and how that relates to us. You see in order for a continual flow of God's abundance to us, there must be a balance of this ebb and flow of our gift of Life. If for example we take or receive more life-force than we give out, or vice versa, than an imbalance will occur causing  the flow to be blocked.  

We must balance the gift of Life that we receive everyday from God, by giving something back in return. But, what does that look like? What must we give back? It has to be something that adds to the light of the world, something, anything that improves the quality of Life on earth adds to the Light of the world! Now, if for you abundance means money, well that's a little different. You see, since money is currently used as a means of exchange, we need to increase our flow of it. That's the Law of the Circle again. What you send out in the form of energy expands and returns to you. Money is energy after all and so it needs to go out from a place of love, with the intention of it doing good works, like charities, organizations, schools, spiritual groups or causes (you get the idea), basically giving back to God an amount that is in addition to what is spent to sustain you. It of course must be given freely, and with no strings attached. We can however expect that our donation will go out and bless all life, and that God's abundance will expand our money tenfold on its return to us! 

Now, once we give our money away freely, the next step is to consciously affirm the return of our money, which is the step most have forgotten over the eons of incarnations. We have gotten so accustom to just buying what we need, and hoarding the rest for a rainy day, that we always had one! Which is where the block comes in. We can affirm the return simply by saying with deep feeling, "with this donation or gift, I AM giving ___ back to God in love and appreciation for my gift of life. With the highest good of all concerned, I AM gratefully receiving ___  from the flow of God's abundance on the return current, and so it is." Now we must consciously expect to receive an increase in money. Don't limit the universe by being so specific on how that money should come to you, just allow (another Universal Law) it to flow as it may. Giving thanks for all!



Rev. Edwige

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

                                         Embracing our Multidimensional-Self

To embrace our multidimensional self, we must first know what it is. We are a combination of not only  four different bodies the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, but we are much more. Let me explain: all of these bodies are layers composed of distinct vibrations of matter that surround each life stream and provides the vessel for our journey. The mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are energetic in nature and reside only in subtle matter or our aura. We of course know what our physical body is, the vessel or vehicle that houses us, so let's then look at our other bodies. First, we have our mental body, it is the field of energy that stores all of our core beliefs, whether of course these beliefs are true about us or not, and that is why it is so important to pay attention to what thoughts you allow to enter into your subconscious mind, for that is how we are seeded with the programming that runs the show! The mental body assists us in processing of information, the solving of problems, and is what keeps us separate and disconnected always reaching back to past experiences for comparison and analyzing. Next, is our emotional body, this is where our feelings and emotions like love and hate come from. This is where our astral projections are interpreted as dreams, and our memories, not to be confused with our beliefs are stored. Our spiritual body is our souls link to the universe. This is our bridge between the physical, mental and emotional energies or bodies. But this isn't the full picture of our multidimensional-self we still have within us; our past selves our future selves, there is also, us in this dimension, us in different dimensions, parallel lives, off planet existences, and us in the non-physical. If you can imagine that all of this is happening simultaneously, and that all of our sub-parts if you will, are about to merge and become one, then you will have a clearer idea of our true multidimensional- self, and what it is. Where is this leading you ask? To Ascension and what all the talk is about, but I will save that for next month, for now be gentile with yourself, embrace the idea that you are much more than you appear!


Till next we meet! 

Rev. Edwige

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What is Spirituality

What is spirituality?

For me, spirituality is living one's life from the realization that the body/mind/ego personality that we have been programmed to identify with is just the tip of the iceberg,  whereas our true body is the vast universe. It is understanding that our perceived world is mostly an illusion, a shared dream that we are all asleep in, and that the goal of life is to awake to our real Self which is multidimensional, and Divine—and is already  connected with all of creation, and waiting for us to connect to it.

As humans who are made in the image of God, we need and yearn for the ultimate connection, and  if we don't find it in this mystery we call God/dess, we are bound to create it by worshiping something in our exterior, material world, or ideology. Many of these beliefs teach that this DIVINE ENTITY needs to be definitive, nailed down, with all parameters set and explained. Some end up worshiping their way to God, rather than this mystery we call "God", and as a result, we tend to judge others by their way to God, thereby judging others as further from God than they. I once heard that we must leave "religion" to find God. Is this true?  We do have to let go of preconceived ideas about God to find God.

Spirituality is not religion and is not even necessarily affiliated with religion. While the definition of spirituality is different for everyone, here are some common ideas that are associated with spirituality:

·      That it is a process or journey of self-discovery and of learning not only who you are, but who you want to be.

·      That it is a tool to help challenge you to reach beyond your current limits. This can include keeping an open mind, questioning current beliefs, or trying to better understand others' beliefs.

·      A connectedness to yourself and to others. Spirituality is personal, but it is also rooted in being connected with others and with the world around you.

·      Spirituality, while it doesn't necessarily solve or reach conclusions, often embraces the concept of searching and moving forward in the direction of meaning, purpose, and direction for your life.

·      That there is a higher power, whether rooted in a religion, nature, or some kind of unknown energy.

The essence of spirituality is the search to know our true selves, to discover the real nature of consciousness. This quest has been the foundation of all the great spiritual teachings, and the goal of all the great mystics.  

When we discover this deeper sense of self, we become freed from many of the fears that plague us unnecessarily. We discover a greater inner peace, joy, contentment, an inner security that does not depend upon events or circumstances in the outer world around you. But, connects us to our Higher-God self and as a result we become less self-centered, less needy of the other's approval or recognition, less needy of collecting possessions and social status, and find our value from within, making us happier, healthier and more loving people. In many spiritual teachings this is called "self-liberation".

Most spiritual teachings also maintain that when one comes to know the true nature of consciousness, one also comes to know God. If God is the essence of the whole of creation, then God is the essence of every creature, and every person. This is why the search to discover the nature of one's own innermost essence is the search for God.

Spirituality can offer many benefits to your life, both emotionally and physically. Developing your spiritual life can give you a sense of purpose, help you figure out what you are most passionate about, whether in your professional, social, or personal life, connect you to your God-self.  In other words gives you the direction and real purpose for your existence. Positive beliefs can even comfort you and improve your health.

And finally let me leave you with this thought about the way you are looking at things: When you try to justify where you are by pointing out how bad things are, you are headed in the wrong direction. Stop, and reach for the thought that feels better, and allow the natural well-being that is you to return. Peace be with you!

Rev. Edwige

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Moderation In All Things"

Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. (Phillipians 4:5)

The person who chooses to live within Moderation will seldom be faced with extreme situations of his own making.

On the surface, moderation simply means avoiding extremes. It involves finding strategies and habits that can be maintained over the long-term, without cycling between one extreme and the other.  At a deeper level, moderation is a commitment to balance and wholeness. It is rooted in the recognition that each person has many different (and often competing) needs, desires, abilities, and goals. Living up to your full potential means finding ways to incorporate all of them into your decision-making processes and choices.

How badly do you want peace of mind? Badly enough to really change the way you’re living life? If so, and of course this must truly be your desire if you are to make a change, because nothing beyond God will help you as much on a practical level as an understanding that moderation is the philosophy of those who have greater peace of mind.

Moderation doesn’t seem to get a lot of play these days. Everything is presented in extremes. We have extreme sports, extreme deodorant, extreme energy drinks, even an Extreme Teen Bible. We seek extremes because we erroneously believe that the more intense an experience is, the more pleasurable it will be

As we increase our stimulation, our appetite consequently rises to meet it. We then need even more stimulation to achieve the same pleasure the old level of stimulation gave us.

When we feel unhappy and bored there are two ways to revive our feelings of enjoyment and pleasure. One is to seek new things and more stimulation. You can start going out more, having sex more, and buying more new things and experiences. But the pleasure you get from ratcheting up the intensity of these experiences will eventually end in a plateau. The alternative without making an issue of it to anyone but you, is to have a oneness of identity with God, and then continue life, neither craving and running after any whim or fancy of enjoyment that may come along, nor withdrawing either. As you would live in your oneness with God, choose to live your life in moderation, being always aware to avoid extremes. So, don’t spend too much or too little. Don’t work too hard or too little. Don’t overeat. Don’t under eat. Don’t sleep too much. Don’t get too little sleep—this is living in moderation.  To cultivate the virtue of moderation is to seek greater enjoyment and pleasure in things you are already doing now. This will help you to avoid the tearing emotional extremes that make life filled with constant turmoil or contrast. Leaving little time for peace of mind, where both love and God can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Reconnect with Your Senses. We live in a society saturated by stimulation. We have become numbed to nuance. You don’t need new stimulation; you need to rediscover the hidden layers of ordinary experiences. Stop wolfing down your food. Start tasting the unique flavors and textures of each mouthful. Instead of doing a keg stand and chugging cheap beer, learn to savor and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a quality brew. Start allowing yourself to feel some awe when you look at the night sky. Start actually thinking about how touching your partners skin feels. We’re usually walking through life like zombies. Wake up and start delving into the wonder of the world.

Get Reacquainted with Your Attention Span. Whenever I watch older movies from a few decades ago, I am reminded of just how much slower the pacing of the action is. Things seem to happen in real time. I even feel annoyed by it. But the problem is my attention span, not the movie. Even when my computer decides to go at a snail’s pace, I can sometimes get frustrated. But then I think, it was only a few years ago that I had dial-up.” Our expectations for speed and stimuli have gotten unreasonable. Start stretching your attention span by watching old movies, reading a good, long book, or going for a long walk to nowhere. And when you get restless, try to put things in perspective.

Stop multitasking and be present in the moment. If you’re like me, you’re always doing two things at once: talking on the phone and surfing the net, surfing the net and watching TV, watching TV and reading a magazine, you get it. But this craving only begets the need for more stimulation. Try to do one task at a time. Quit mindlessly distracting yourself every moment. Concentrate your senses and focus on whatever it is you are doing.

So the next time you hear the words, “everything in moderation,” don’t just think about your diet, but look at everything in your life! 


Rev. Edwige

Thursday, May 31, 2012

What is Love?

Everyone seems to believe that love is a good thing. However, not all would agree on what love is.  Is love that warm feeling you get when you’re near a familiar person? Or is love what you feel when you hug your puppy? According to the Bible, love is caring in action. Love isn’t what we feel at all, but rather what we do.
First we must understand that the essence of God is pure love and this ‘Divine Love’ is the foundation behind every human soul. It is always true, pure and constant. It’s not something you have to earn from God, for God never angers, rejects or punishes you.
So I pose the question to you. What is love and why is it so vital to a healthy spirit?
The confusion on this subject is because we are limited to one English word used to describe a broad range of meanings, when in fact the word love comes from the Greek language and actually has four words to describe the different types of love, they are:
Eros Love – Is physical passion, gratification and fulfillment. It is inferred in many scriptures as the love between one-man and one-woman. 

Storge Love – Is the natural bond between mother and child, father, children, and kin. It’s quite easy to recognize. 

Phileo Love - Is a love of the affections. It is delighting to be in the presence of another, you know that warm feeling that comes and goes with intensity.  

Agape Love – Is God’s kind of love. It is seeking the welfare and betterment of another regardless of how we feel. It is not based on feelings or affection. This act of Agape love is so very strong even in the Bible it states “We can agape our enemies regardless of how we feel. If they are hungry, we can feed them; if they thirst we can give them drink” (Rom. 12:20-21). We must choose to seek the betterment and welfare of others regardless of how we feel.    

To be able to love without attachments or expectations is the highest form of love that a human being can express. This kind of love supports the healing of others and our personal evolution. In spiritual (Agape) love it is far less important what one receives from the love object, than what one is able to give. 

So, why does love have such power? Perhaps it is because this is the purest form of energy we can project as spiritual beings. Being free from attachments or the outcome, yet full of compassion and caring, this kind of love is transformational at every level.  

And so to answer my earlier question as to why love is so vital, I leave you with this;

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.  

Love indeed makes the world go around. Is your love gauge on full or empty?


Rev. Edwige

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The importance of a positive attitude!

Your attitude reflects what you believe. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” said the mystical teacher, Christ. So what do you believe to be true about yourself? Is it founded from the perception of others opinions of you, are you basing it on what television says is normal. Or does your belief in yourself come from seeing you as you really are, an inner understanding of your true life and being, based on the reality of selfhood which is the power, wisdom and presence of God? 

Every day as you go through life, the attitude that you have within is stimulating responses outwardly and inwardly. You know the old saying “Like attracts Like” or “That which is liken to itself is attracted.” The outer responses are the responses of others towards you, be it positive or negative. The inner responses are coming from the unconscious mind that contains corresponding thought patterns in the subconscious, be them positive or negative. What are your thoughts attracting to you?

Realize that you damage yourself psychologically, psychically and spiritually if your attitude is not positive. You damage yourself by accepting failure thoughts that become part of your subconscious mind and form failure thought patterns, which will not relieve the present situation but only compound it and lead to further difficulties in the future.

To bring the responses one wishes to have in order to experience a better life, your daily attitude should be positive. For a positive attitude knows that there are certain spiritual laws at work to clear up any negative condition. A positive attitude may have a momentary reaction to some negative condition or experience but almost immediately begins to recoil by placing the mind on the power and presence of the Universal-Mind within, which of course know that “all is well.”

How do you maintain a positive attitude? Through prayer, meditation and affirmations.  Daily affirming something like “I accept that the so-called difficulties in my life are but a transitional stage leading to greater good in my life.” I also like to use the energy of words to lift my vibration. Words like; certain, capable, commanding, present, graciousness, beauty, ease, well being and happy are higher in vibration thus lifting your mood, so try using one word daily through-out your routine and watch what happens as you feel happier, more positive, and before you know it, you’ll begin to see yourself as you truly are in your natural state of wellbeing!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Live in the Now"

As we move into 2012, and we keep hearing about all of the many changes taking place, or about to take place, a phrase comes to mind “Live in the now” never before has this statement been so important! You see it is so easy to get caught up in the hype of 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. But the fact is does understanding any of it really matter? I say no, not really because what’s going to happen well, just is going to happen, right! All of this information and fascination is a distraction, a way of keeping us off the mark, and that won’t get us anywhere!

So, as we move forward into what promises to be an amazing year, anyway you slice it! I think we should employ this mantra “Live in the now”. But, what does that mean? It means we are to experience each moment as it is happening, and as we move through it, feel it, observe it. Pay attention to all of the details, for it is in the journey that we experience life. Everything in God’s world is in the now! Holding on to memories of the past can keep us locked in that place, reliving it! So if you have experienced failure in love, money, or health, etc., you will continue down that path unless you can clear those experiences, and replace them with affirmative thoughts. On the other side of the coin if you’ve experienced love, money, health, etc., will you then hold everyone to that standard, thus limiting the possibility of enjoying new experience that may look different? Or are you always thinking about tomorrow? Of course prepaving your future is good in the respect that you should have goals that you set for yourself. However to what extent? Do you walk around with blinders on only focused on that end goal? Of course not, that’s why we must “Live in the now.” Only in that place can life truly be experienced moment by moment.  

Throughout the day, keep an easygoing mental attitude. Seeking to let your inner voice guide you. Attempt to maintain peace and composure, knowing that if you do, the right answers will always come to you, and it that state you can be confident that all is truly well, now!

Final thoughts to remember; where am I? here and what time is it? Now

Let’s start this year off with the goal of living each moment, and seeing life for what it is, a journey. Explore more, feel more, be!