Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Much has been said about abundance. But do we really understand how the flow of it works?
To fully embrace the concept of abundance, you must first understand the universal law of the circle, for it is vital part of prosperity. It is about the ebb and flow of life, and how that relates to us. You see in order for a continual flow of God's abundance to us, there must be a balance of this ebb and flow of our gift of Life. If for example we take or receive more life-force than we give out, or vice versa, than an imbalance will occur causing  the flow to be blocked.  

We must balance the gift of Life that we receive everyday from God, by giving something back in return. But, what does that look like? What must we give back? It has to be something that adds to the light of the world, something, anything that improves the quality of Life on earth adds to the Light of the world! Now, if for you abundance means money, well that's a little different. You see, since money is currently used as a means of exchange, we need to increase our flow of it. That's the Law of the Circle again. What you send out in the form of energy expands and returns to you. Money is energy after all and so it needs to go out from a place of love, with the intention of it doing good works, like charities, organizations, schools, spiritual groups or causes (you get the idea), basically giving back to God an amount that is in addition to what is spent to sustain you. It of course must be given freely, and with no strings attached. We can however expect that our donation will go out and bless all life, and that God's abundance will expand our money tenfold on its return to us! 

Now, once we give our money away freely, the next step is to consciously affirm the return of our money, which is the step most have forgotten over the eons of incarnations. We have gotten so accustom to just buying what we need, and hoarding the rest for a rainy day, that we always had one! Which is where the block comes in. We can affirm the return simply by saying with deep feeling, "with this donation or gift, I AM giving ___ back to God in love and appreciation for my gift of life. With the highest good of all concerned, I AM gratefully receiving ___  from the flow of God's abundance on the return current, and so it is." Now we must consciously expect to receive an increase in money. Don't limit the universe by being so specific on how that money should come to you, just allow (another Universal Law) it to flow as it may. Giving thanks for all!



Rev. Edwige

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