Friday, September 4, 2015


Two thousand years ago, Christ said to his disciples, “Give not thought what you will say before you are brought before the judges; for verily I say unto you, at that same moment, the words shall be on your lips.” Christ was pointing out a mystical truth, that if a person is tuned into their Higher-Self they will be guided by it. How many of us have had that happen? I know every time I’m interviewed I have no idea what I will say until the question is asked and lo and behold the answer comes forth. Not only will the words come forth, but new ideas of how to do things, or even a new business idea will come to you when you let go (ego) and let your God-Self. You see we are born in this society where we have been programmed to just go along and not think for ourselves. But we can through meditation, prayer and our intention begin to regain our sovereignty and know that from within lies all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding needed to consciously create your Heaven on Earth, be empowered and truly happy.

The choice is yours, do you continue to go along or do you begin to do your own thinking; after all isn’t that what this incarnation is all about? Becoming your own master, a conscious creator?

More important than any technique learned to establish self-direction or gaining control of your thoughts is the spirit with which one approaches life. You must want to be directed by your Higher-Self and have a sincere desire to be true to your own soul and your individual destiny as determined by God. It also means seeing the illusion that can come about when letting your ego-self guide you creating false thoughts about yourself and the world around you.

As you strive to connect with and tune in to your Higher-Self it helps to maintain a positive mental attitude at the surface part of your consciousness because it creates a state of mind wherein your higher mind may more easily influence you. You may also want to learn to separate an intuitive response from an emotional one, as an emotional response is more the influence of your personal ego and the influence of other people’s thinking of you and not your Higher-Self which of course is the detached observer of all things.

If you wish your higher mind to lead you, you must keep open to it, so daily affirm that you receive inner Higher-Self direction by using an affirmation such as: “All channels of my mind are open to receive daily direction from all channels opened for me through my Higher-Self.”

The effort you put forth is nothing compared to the benefits of truly stepping into you God power. Are you ready to open up to all the divine possibilities awaiting you?

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