Monday, June 10, 2013


 Everything in the Universe is energy and all energy exists at different levels of vibration and frequency. We are moving from third dimensional consciousness to fourth and higher, as is the earth.  Consciousness and vibrational frequency are perfectly correlated. When you're lower in frequency, you're lower in consciousness-your perception is dulled-and you view things through a foggy lens. When you're higher in frequency, you're higher in consciousness, your perception is heightened and you see things more clearly the higher you go. Just as when you ascend in an airplane, you see a larger picture the higher you climb, and the brighter it becomes as you break through the clouds

Raising your vibration allows you to connect more directly with your Higher self , it vibrates at a higher level creating and using this relationship to your Higher self allows for information to be more easily accepted by the conscious and actualized. In other words, once you begin to raise your vibration, you can better understand life and everything in general, you will feel more at peace, in touch, connected, and happier.

            So what exactly is energy? You see everything in the universe is made up of energy and matter; everything that is energy and matter has an energetic vibration. Energetic vibrations attract similar vibrations. You've heard of the Law of Attraction- like attracts like, it's more like energy attracts energy. The human body and outer experience is comprised of >99% energy and <1% matter. What is interesting is that we tend to focus 99% of our attention on what we can see, matter which is <1% of what we are working with. The fact is it is the invisible energy and matter, and this energetic vibration, that has the greatest weight and pull on your life’s outcomes. Your reality is a direct reflection of what your energetic vibration is attracting.

            There are two forms of energy: kinetic and potential. Kinetic energy is in motion and potential energy is stored in matter- motionless. Kinetic energy is at work for you right now, and potential energy is stored away waiting for direction. You have as much energy as you need to perform the goals you think about. You have unlimited power and energy, but this energy will not be revealed to you until you raise your vibration to the level of consciousness in which this energy exists. What you see in your human experience is matter, solid, liquid, or gas.   Solid matter consists of tightly packed molecules with a low vibration in a specific shape and size. Solid matter is dense, heavy, and restricted; remember in an earlier chapter how the choice of words can impact you? The molecules in liquid matter are more spread and fluid thus a higher vibration. The molecules in gas are the most spread out and free to flow in all directions giving it the highest vibration. The higher your energetic vibration is, the lighter, happier, and freer you will feel and become. It is important to note that your thoughts, intentions, and emotions indicate your vibration. This vibration is also influenced by your experiences and environments. When you become conscious of your vibration and its role in your life, you can choose to raise your vibration by choosing positive thoughts and emotions that feel good to you and align with the greater good of all. Destiny does play a part here regardless of conscious thought, for I was shown how I wrote in the pages of my Akashic record all that I was to do in this life. Your level of consciousness and vibration become significant in how your destiny plays out, and whether or not it is miserable or miraculous. For example, the car accident: It was my destiny to awaken at that time, but since my vibration was not as high as it is now, I became a match to the car accident. My chaos into harmony moment. It could have played out any number of ways, because only the fact that I was to awaken was in my akashic record, the how to was totally up to me, or should I say my vibration.  Lower vibrations result in more suffering and often include: negative thoughts (complaining, excuses, blaming), negative emotions (anger, fear, shame, jealously, guilt, sadness), and negative outcomes (conflict, pain, illness, loss, accident, trauma, drama). Higher vibrations result in more love and include positive thoughts (gratitude, appreciation, abundance), positive emotions (peace, joy, compassion, acceptance), and positive outcomes (health, happiness, success, and prosperity).

Most important is How you feel vibrationally speaking that is. The emotional vibration that you emit attracts situations and scenarios to match the feeling you put out. “What you put out is what you get back.” We’ve all heard it. The universe is neutral; it does not favor anyone. The universe simply gives you what you ask for. The universe - GOD only vibrates one way, in one direction, that is Love and flow, you are either in the flow or not. GOD doesn't pick and choose for you, you pick and choose by what you vibrate to. The higher your vibrational frequency, the more you are able to comprehend because you are allowing a greater Flow of Life Force through your mind and body. Vibrational frequency depends on the amount of Life Force you are channeling through you. Life Force can also be characterized as God Energy and Intelligence, or love, and is continually emanating from Source. The lower your vibrational frequency, the less you are able to comprehend because your ego is restricting the flow of life force/God energy and Intelligence/love through your mind and body. Your fearful ego uses judgment and resistance to choke off the Flow. To overcome this you must override your ego, non-resistance and a commitment to allowing Love to flow through you no matter what is happening around you is key. The more you allow the essence of God to flow through your mind and body, the higher you in vibrational frequency becomes, and the more creative you'll become thus giving way to a more authentic empowered you. The lower you are in vibrational frequency, the less creative ideas and empowerment you experience and can utilize because your ego is choking off the flow and allowing less of the essence of God to flow through your mind and body.

 Higher vibrational frequency not only makes you wiser and more powerful, it moves you out of struggle, turmoil and pain, and places you in the realm of joy, ease, peace, and harmony. So the key to claiming wisdom, creativity, and empowerment and every possible blessing-is in raising your vibrational frequency, which is done by allowing more Love to flow.

There are many ways to raise your vibration to a place of love, compassion, appreciation, and abundance. Below is a list of the more obvious, it's your call. What brings you joy? What makes your heart sing? Do it!
Meditate - be still and know that I AM
Focus on raising your vibration - practice, practice practice
Think happy thoughts - it's your choice
Become present in the now - it's important to become mindful - get off of auto-pilot

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